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We offer all firearms service and repair from basic cleaning, inspection and test firing to repair and refinishing including traditional hot bluing, parkerizing, KG Gunkote, nitre bluing of small parts and metals polishing. KG Gunkote is a similar product to cerakote, I've used both products and I like KG better all around. It's easier to work with, I think it's tougher and better looking once cured and I think the color selection is better. We offer machine services such as barrel threading, fitted thread caps, headspace and chamber work, all metals welding, silver solder work and in house laser engraving. If it's firearms related, chances are we do it so please ask! Often times I'll post pictures and descriptions of jobs I'm doing on our face book page so click on the F in the upper right corner and wee if we're up to anything cool.


KG Gunkote Stencil Work

We offer stenciling services for your firearms refinishing needs, shown is a pattern called "Riptile" from my friends at Freedom Stencils. This customer wanted it in darker colors but we  can do pretty much any color you like.  


Shown a little closer so you can get the idea of the pattern. Be sure to check out, if they have the pattern, we can do the job.


American Manufacturing Laser Service

We have our own laser in house and can deep mark all metals. We can do images, text and in some cases we can use your supplied files.  We can also laser mark your Form 1 or other NFA items neatly and precisely.


We're serious about parts

We keep thousands of parts on hand and never pass up an opportunity to add to the inventory. We buy junk or broken guns for their parts so if you have anything bring it by or let me know!


A few examples of shop work


Installing barrels and headspacing

Here's a short chambered barrel being installed on a 1903-A3, once the barrel is timed the chamber is reamed to the correct headspace.

Fitting revolver barrels

Revolver barrels must be fitted to the frame and the cylinder gap must be set. Often times this requires machine work on the barrel itself to get both the timing and the gap correct. The correct tools to hold the barrel and the frame are an absolute must.

Sight work

Here's a custom Remington model 11 that we fitted and installed a Mossberg Ghost Ring rear sight after parkerizing. We can install sights, locate, drill and tap holes precisely and machine dovetails.


A couple before and after repairs

MP-5 SMG before

Customer wanted to change the entire front end of this MP-5, I removed everything from the barrel out including cutting out the cocking tube from the receiver. Having the correct tools for HK work is imperative!

MP-5 SMG after

Everything was replaced, barrel, new cocking tube welded on, front sight tree, fore end hanger, cocking piece and handle and the firearm was finished in KG Gunkote color HK black. It was safety and function checked, test fired and returned to my customer ready for service.

Glock 27, 40 caliber pistol that was in a fire

The majority of the damage was superficial, there was a little melting on the surface of the grip frame but everything else was either restored or replaced.

Glock 27 after repair and restoration

After cleaning and inspecting all of the parts I refinished the slide and installed new sights. I replaced the trigger and bar, magazine release and then cleaned all of the internals and lubed as required. It was assembled, function checked, test fired and returned to the customer ready for service.


Before and after ruger super blackhawk

Ruger blackhawk that was in a fire

The damage to this pistol was superficial, the staining on the metal was caused by smoke and water which creates acids that stain the surface. Fortunately it was stainless steel and didn't require complete refinishing like a blued pistol would have. it cleaned up nicely with polishing of the metal and cleaning of the internal parts.

After restoration

After polishing and cleaning and required lubrication the pistol was safety and function checked, test fired and returned to service.


U.S Military Winchester Model 12 fire damaged restoration.

My customer had almost 60 firearms that went through a house fire and one was this Winchester model 12.  Most of the damage was a result of smoke and water and it rusted all of the metal surfaces.

After cleanup and inspection we parkerized the shotgun because the surface pitting was excessive in some areas.

The stock and fore end was cleaned with Murphys oil soap which is a fantastic product for cleaning gun stocks and this removed all of the soot and other fire related debris along with the smokey odor. It's natural beauty came right back.

All of the metal parkerized beautifully and my customer was very happy since he thought that the guns were done for. The vast majority of fire guns can be restored without any problems if you're careful.


9mm Bolt action Rifle

We offer a custom built 9mm bolt action rifle, these make one of the best suppressor platforms I've ever used in 9mm, especially with subsonic ammunition like Hush. With one of our suppressors they are amazingly quiet and test at 118dB with subsonic ammo. They come standard with a 16" barrel threaded 1/2x28 with a fitted thread cap and barrel lengths are available up to 20" but will add to the cost so ask about that if it's something you want. The host rifles have been difficult to come by these days but we can do the conversion on your rifle if you have one. The complete conversion service runs 395.00 plus return shipping on your rifle. This service includes a new barrel that's fitted, chambered, headspaced and threaded 1/2x28 with a thread cap, all necessary conversion work done to the action and finished in the KG Gunkote color of your choice. Drop us a line with any questions. We also offer an integrated suppressed version of this rifle, this means that the suppressor is a permanent part of the rifle and integrated into the barrel. This conversion runs 575.00.


M-16 Receiver Timing

M-16 sear timing is probably the single most over looked thing on either a transferable receiver or on a post sample. There are thousands of out of time receivers out there and we can correct that for you. Most of the time it can be done by working on the sear itself but in some cases welding up the sear hole and correctly locating it is necessary. There are untold numbers of receivers that were converted hastily in 1985 and 86 and the sear holes are too high, too low, to far forward or too far back. We can fix that for you and get that rifle running the way it should.


We've developed our own tools and methods for checking and adjusting sear timing. Out of time guns can run either too fast, too slow or you may experience unexplained stoppages or other symptoms. You can even have out of battery discharges that can lead to catastrophic failures.


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