I've received notification from the CNC shop that that due to substantial materials cost increase that my parts are going to be costing me more. I've always done my level best to maintain lower prices that any of the competition without sacrificing performance but I also feel that the benefits from using the exotic materials are well worth the extra cost. I'll keep everything as low as I possibly can but there will be an increase. 

                      UPDATE, 06/22/2020 

At this point it's looking as if there will be about a 75 to 90 dollar increase in cost per unit. After I get a final cost I'll be able to post exactly and make pricing changes accordingly so please check back. 

            UPDATE 8/3/20

 All pricing has been adjusted accordingly. 



American Manufacturing

Featuring the one and only Triple X Warrior

We take our designs and performance of our products very seriously, we own our own Larson Davis sound meter and are constantly testing and improving on all of our products and I'll put my products up against anything out there performance wise any day.. Everything that has our name on it regardless of age is covered by our lifetime guarantee with no questions asked. We do a lot of custom builds for our customers so if you are after something that's not listed please drop us a line and we'll see what we  can do for you. We even anodize all of our own baffles in house!  Below are a few of our regular production units. 


Triple x warrior

The one and only Triple X Warrior has been our flag ship suppressor for over 20 years. It's undergone countless improvement revisions over the years and we are constantly working to make it better. This unit is available in direct thread or with our new style brake mount as shown in the above image. This new style brake compliments the performance of the suppressor. The standard model is 1.5" OD and 8.5" in length and is a fantastic performer rivaling top tier suppressors available today. Additionally, we offer a 7.0" long unit and a 9.25" long unit. These units offer different levels of both looks and performance and are available in the same mounting styles as the original model is. They are all constructed of 4130 chromemoly steel and CNC machined stainless internals. The core is fully welded in our rotary welding fixture and finally heat treated prior to installation. These suppressors can handle anything up to 300 Win Mag,  it's full auto rated and of course, laser marked in house. The Triple X Warrior in direct thread runs 485.00 and the brake mount version runs 550.00. The 9.25" unit is an additional 25.00.  The new style brake mounts are 99.00 ea. and are available in 1/2x28tpi for 223 caliber (out of stock at the moment) and 5/8x24tpi for 30 caliber. We also offer a CNC machined thread adapter to use a direct thread 30 caliber unit on a 1/2x28 tpi threaded barrel, these run 25.00 and have nice wrench flats on them for easy installation and removal in the field with just a crescent wrench.

*Full auto rated in 223/5.56

*10.5" barrel and above for 223/5.56, no barrel restriction for 223/5.56 subsonic or reduced power loads.

*16" barrel and above for full power 308 or larger caliber, no barrel restriction for subsonic 308 or reduced power loads.

*No barrel restriction for 300 Blackout


Of course we offer blast deflectors for our brakes

Blast deflectors are useful for shooting un-suppressed when your brake might be inside of your hand guard or just to shift the blast away from you and everyone around you. Standard units are 2.5" long but if you need a longer one just let us know and we'll get you taken care of. Blast deflectors run 75.00 ea.


Multi caliber end caps are now available

You can purchase a .30 caliber unit with a replaceable .30 caliber end cap and have additional end caps for other calibers such as 223, .243, 6.5 and many others. We can provide the correct size for your requested caliber. Caps will be laser marked to eliminate confusion of sizes. This option will add 99.00 to the overall cost of the unit and extra end caps will run 50.00 each. (Sorry about the crappy picture)


Triple X Warrior Classic

Available again is the Triple X Warrior Classic in it's latest configuration. 1.625 OD x 8.5" OAL and rated for anything you can give it. From .223 up to 300RUM and anything in between. These units are direct thread only and can be ordered in 223 cal bore size with 1/2x28 threads or 30 cal bore size with 5/8x24 threads and a thread adapter can be used for 1/2x28 on the smaller  calibers. Thread adapters are CNC made from stainless and feature a hex for a wrench. The Warrior classic runs only 395.00 and the thread adapters are 25.00 ea. This design is available in other calibers not listed so please ask if you don't see what you'd like. 

*Full auto rated 223/5.56, 10.5" minimum barrel length.

No barrel restriction for subsonic or

reduced power loads.

*16" minimum barrel length for full power 308 or larger caliber loads. 

No barrel restriction for subsonic 308 or reduced power loads in

308 or larger calibers. 

*No barrel restriction on 300 Blackout.


Claim yours today!


Kjet-22 silencer

The Triple X Kjet-22 suppressor is a 22lr caliber direct thread model, is 5.5" in length and is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum. The baffles are anodized aluminum and the unit is user serviceable and laser marked in house. These units run 185.00. Standard units are for 22lr ONLY but we offer a different unit capable of 22 magnum and 5.7 for only 75.00 more. That's only 260.00 for those of us who can't add without a calculator!


Kjet-9 Silencer

The Triple X Kjet-9 suppressor is suitable for use on handgun platforms. It comes standard with a 1/2 x 28tpi piston in the built in LID  (Linear Inertial Decoupler which are the fancy words for recoil booster) and other thread pitches are available.  This unit has anodized baffles and is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel. It is user serviceable and laser marked in house. Kjet-9 suppressors run 550.00



The Triple X Kjet-45 is designed for use on 45 caliber pistols. It comes standard with a .578x28 piston in the built in LID and other thread pitches are available. This unit has CNC machined and anodized baffles and is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel and laser marked in house The Kjet-45 runs 550.00


Triple x-9 and Triple x-45 rifle and subgun model

The Triple X-9 and 45 models are designed for rifle and subgun use with centerfire pistol calibers. They come with direct thread mounting and the 9mm units can have a 3 lug adapter along with the direct thread mount. These units are of steel, stainless steel and aluminum construction. They feature CNC machined and anodized baffles (where applicable) and are laser marked in house. These units run 495.00 for direct thread, add 150.00 for 3 lug adapter, 9mm only.


Triple X Executioner 223/5.56

The Triple X Executioner is an over the barrel design, it's designed to work with standard profile and diameter barrels that are 16" in length. Your barrel must be no larger diameter than .750 and requires a minimum of 6" from the thread shoulder to the front of the gas block.  This unit will add approximately 5" to your overall length depending on your existing barrel. The Triple X Executioner is all steel construction with CNC machined stainless internals and is a completely sealed unit. These units are full auto rated and run 550.00.

*Full auto rated.

*Requires at least 6.0" from front of gas block to thread shoulder and a minimum of .750 diameter of that section of barrel. 


Triple X Warrior-K

One of our newest suppressors, the Triple X Warrior K comes in at 5" OAL (with direct thread adapter) and 1.375 OD and has 4 mounting options including 1/2x28tpi, 5/8x24tpi, LID with 1/2x28 piston or a 3 lug adapter. It's constructed of steel, CNC machined stainless steel internals and aluminum. It's rated for 300BO subsonic and supersonic, 9mm and smaller handgun calibers with the 3 lug, piston or direct thread and 223 on a 16" or longer barrel. The unit is user serviceable and of course, laser marked in house. Basic direct thread runs 425.00, 1/2 to 5/8 thread adapter is 25.00 and LID mount and 3 lug mounts are 150.00 ea.

*Full auto rated in direct thread configuration only with 9mm and 300 Blackout subsonic.

*16" minimum barrel length for 223/5.56 in direct thread configuration only. 

*NOT for use on 308 caliber. 


What's inside?

Fully welded cores

All of our center fire rifle suppressors feature CNC machined, fully welded and heat treated cores. This helps to conserve weight and to increase the strength of the unit. We do all of our own welding and heat treatment in house.

Integrated suppressors

Shown is an example of an integrated suppressor. This means that the suppressor is a permanent part of the host pistol.  We can do these on lots of different platforms so be sure to ask. We can supply the entire gun/suppressor or we can do the conversion on your host firearm. Shown is a Browning Buckmark.


Integrated Ruger pistol

The Ruger series MKI through MKIV and the 22/45 shown here are probably the single most popular pistol to build up as an integrated suppressed pistol. It's round receiver meets almost perfectly with tubing to form what appears to be one solid piece. Whether it's stainless, blued or finished with KG Gunkote it will always stand out as the most popular host firearm for this platform.


Our Larson Davis LXT1-QPR sound meter.

A sound meter is an important tool for research and development. We're constantly testing and improving our product line in order to get the best possible results. There's always room for improvement. 


Some recent test results.

Left to right are 6.7", 8" and 9.1" length suppressors with our latest internals. These are the standard 1.5" OD and were all tested on 16" barrels and 10 shot strings were averaged for the final numbers. We follow mil-std 1474D testing protocols to the letter to get the most accurate results possible including meter calibration prior to and after testing. These are all 30 caliber units. 


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